Triathlon Talk Series for Beginners – Pt 1- DONE !

The inaugural Triathlon Talk Series 2015 kicked-off this morning (13 June 2015). It was interesting to see folks from various backgrounds coming together to equip themselves with knowledge of the sports, both for awareness , and informative purpose. Though it was not exactly full house, the participation and interaction was very positive, and the small group were encouraged to share their perspective of the sports, motivation and goals.

The 1 hour (++) gave the audience a space to look at the sports from a historical standpoint, how it grew and became popular in Malaysia. Apart from that, basic triathlon knowledge were presented to ensure participants goes home having some idea what Triathlon really is.

We encourage you to sign up if you want to know more of the sports. If there are any demands for the Talk Series (Especially Part 1), please contact the organiser !

Some photos from the event :-

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