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Setting the Tri-mind right !

Often times we bush whack without any specific plan or clear objectives in daily duelings. To certain things, this may be no harm, but to other things, this may cause us a wreck in the long run. Hence, a strategic approach can be recommended and used. Same case scenario for those seeking for an experience in triathlon. Either we do some sort of planning, or.. we plan to fail.


There are plenty of established resources out there to help us guide in this beautiful sports of triathlon. What makes it even more fascinating are the myriads of things, and people involved in making a triathlon training and event a success.

The purpose of the ‘Triathlon Talk Series for Beginners’ is to encourage beginner triathletes, or whoever interested to know more of the sports, to get to know different aspects of triathlon– in order to better appreciate and understand the sports. Hence the introduction of this talk series; which is split into 3 parts. Topics such as history and development of triathlon, the different formats and distances and effective guide in training approach are among the topics introduced to the participants.


The event kicked of on the 13th June 2015, and continued on the 28th June 2015 for Part 2. Our next and final installment for this year talk series will be on the 12th July 2015. As triathlon is a crows puller of age group of the vast, so were the participants who signed up for our talk series. We had baby boomers, and all the way to the Gen-Zs. A pretty interesting combo come to think of it. All of them seated in 1 venue for a common goal, thanks to the common passion !

The highlight of the talk series which Kilau Suria Sports have conducted so far would be the rerun of Part 1 due to demand ! Kudos and thank you to all the participants who registered and turned up at 8.30am sharp last Saturday, and stayed on for Part 2, which continued after that.


We at Kilau Suria Sports are overwhelmed by the turnout. We even had a couple of walk-ins đŸ™‚ Let’s keep this thirst for learning and knowing, and hope it will feed us with values that we’ll need in making us a great and successful athlete, on and off the course.

Note :- For any parties interested to have the talk at your venue, or if you have a group who wish the talk to be organised specially for you, please contact the Kilau Suria Sports admin via the Contact form in the tab above, and select ‘Speaker request’ under ‘Inquiry Type’. Fill in the necessary details in the text box available. We will contact you within 2 working days of request submission.

Triathlon Talk Series for Beginners – Pt 1- DONE !

The inaugural Triathlon Talk Series 2015 kicked-off this morning (13 June 2015). It was interesting to see folks from various backgrounds coming together to equip themselves with knowledge of the sports, both for awareness , and informative purpose. Though it was not exactly full house, the participation and interaction was very positive, and the small group were encouraged to share their perspective of the sports, motivation and goals.

The 1 hour (++) gave the audience a space to look at the sports from a historical standpoint, how it grew and became popular in Malaysia. Apart from that, basic triathlon knowledge were presented to ensure participants goes home having some idea what Triathlon really is.

We encourage you to sign up if you want to know more of the sports. If there are any demands for the Talk Series (Especially Part 1), please contact the organiser !

Some photos from the event :-

Triathlon Talk Series for Beginners : Registration is Open !

Dear TRIers,

Kilau Suria Sports is organising its inaugural Triathlon Talk Series ! The 3 part talk  is designed to cater the needs of all beginner triathletes seeking for a right start to their new venture, triathlon !

The talk will be presented by Nor Juliana Ali, a keen sportsperson, triathlete and Ironman Langkawi finisher. 40 free seats are up for grabs, and a special gift awaits those who signs up and attend all 3 series, which will be held on the following dates : 13, 28 June 2015 and 12 July 2015.

KilauSuriaTriathlonTalkSeries- Promo poster

Triathlon Talk Series Registration