Juliana Ali : A Triathlete Intent

An excerpt of a recent interview by RunSociety, an online running magazine based in Singapore.

Somebody should stop Juliana Ali before she winds up running the entire country! The full-time mom, blogger, wife and triathlete is a star on the Kuala Lumpur running scene, but her mothering skills and colourful blog texts qualify her as the quintessential Renaissance woman. Her mission? To be the best that she can be at all of the artful roles she’s carved out for herself under the colorful nickname “missJewelz”. The name suits her well: She sparkles. And shines. And her future is as multi-faceted as a perfectly cut gem. Read on and you’ll understand why!

RS: First, thanks Juliana — or Ms. Jewelz — for stopping by long enough to talk to us! Our readers want to know when you started running and what got you started, given your crazy schedule and interests.

Juliana: As a kid, I was very intense; I wanted to experience everything, but I soon learned that if you move at a snail’s pace, you can’t do it all. I loved the speed and intensity of representing my school at sports meets and excelled at track, specifically 100m, 200m and 4 x 500m relays. You might say that getting a taste of moving at a fast pace whetted my appetite and I just kept running through high school and university.

For full article, please click here.

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